For long have I laughed at puny Chantelle who, although washes her dishes in super heated temperatures that no normal human should be able to withstand, does so wearing ridiculous looking bright blue rubber gardening gloves. (Well, I call them gardening gloves because that is what my parents used for all the years to weed their garden in).

However, today is marked as a tragic day in the life of the awesomeness that is Craig, considering the fact that I finally decided to tackle the cooking pots, pans and generally neglected cooking utensils that have been lying dirty in the sink for well over a week now. As you can imagine, the leftovers of our wonderful waterblommetjie stew had encrusted and hardened to a consistency like that of diamond, meaning that desperate measures would have to be employed to get the pot clean.

And those desperate measures?

Well nothing short of washing them in super heated temperatures that no normal human should be able to withstand.

Which worked by the way – but I had to don those very blue rubber gloves that I so mock.

And by the pictures as you can tell, I must have looked pretty silly to anyone looking in through our kitchen window this afternoon…

Note the distinct lack of dirty dishes (and super heated water) in my kitchen sink...

That is of course because they are all here now, nice and shiny, just waiting for the water to magically fall off them so that I can pack them away. Drying up cloth? What in the world is that!? :P

(And that concludes my silly post for the day. You’ll note my skilful use of my right hand which is operating the camera while my left hand appears to be doing something in focus. Magic I tell you. Oh, and Chantelle laughed when she heard of my blue glove adventure, just in case you were wondering! :P)