Believe it or not, Jetta Jameson is actually still apart of our lives here in 45 Nagua Bay, but only because I STILL haven’t gotten around to advertising her. Don’t ask, I can’t explain why I haven’t yet either – nor do I even have a good excuse for not having done so either!

However, one fatal flaw which has already struck us during her extended stay in the carport here is that the dear still happily slurps a lot of battery power thanks to her handy alarm and mobiliser, not to mention the rest of all her rather ancient electronics.

Now being the useless practical man that I so often am, I didn’t really bother to disconnect her battery because I expected my techno-savvy self to already have posted an advert for her and gotten her sold off, and so have stuck to a ritual of giving her a bit of a drive every weekend whenever the opportunity pops up. The perfect plan of course as long as you stick with it – which is exactly what didn’t happen a little while ago when I had that string of fun weekends away one after the other, leading to a rather neglected Jetta Jameson.

Of course, the only way to find out whether or not the car’s battery is still alive is to try and start her up when you suggest to your wife to take her out on a Sunday afternoon drive. Of course, after much swearing, jump start attempts and just general muttering, one has to concede and do what any man does best – phone your father to find out if he maybe possesses something that will help you out of your bind.

And of course, my pops had just the thing.

An awesome little portable battery charger! So a quick disconnect and move into the house, followed by the scrounging up of a PC power cable to replace the clunky circular plug attached to the unit, and finally 24 hour recharge cycle was exactly what Jetta Jameson needed to get back up on her toes.

Dad's portable battery charger doing its thing. Note all the sand from the old daily commute that cakes Jetta Jameson's battery.

Grateful, she now gets a good drive to keep her in shape every weekend, with me still hoping that I’ll get to posting that damn advert for her – eventually! :P

P.S. She actually drives pretty nicely at the moment – seems the long lay off from that horrible daily commute has been good for her – though in fairness, her radio has all of a sudden given up the ghost! O.o