So out of our four chosen names to be applied to our first child, the pendulum has now swung back again, strongly in favour of the original choice of Jessica, though modified with the use of our second girl name, meaning that should our baby be a girl – and it is suspected that she might be according to the doctor who did the 13 week scan and Chantelle herself – she would be called Jessica Madison Lotter.

Though knowing Chantelle, she may very well change her mind in a couple of weeks’ time again! :)

And while Madison (which had been our first choice girl’s name for a while now) had the rather unfortunate meaning behind the name of “Son of Matthew” (It isn’t really a girl’s name – only became so thanks to the popularity of the movie Splash starring Darryl Hannah from a while back), the name Jessica has a nice background to it as it is suspected to originate from Hebrew and means “foresight”, or the ability to see the potential in the future.

It’s first recorded appearance in that current spelling and form by the way, is from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice play where Jessica is the daughter of Shylock.

So now you know.

Should however our little baby turn out to be a bouncing boy, then I would be equally happy as Ethan, also of Hebrew origin, means strong, firm, steadfast and safe.

And you really can’t go wrong with that! :)