OnTime from AxoSoft is a powerful project management tool that is indispensable in churning out software development projects on time, thanks to its many built in scrum/agile project management features.

Today’s quick tip shows you how you can set the associated colours for all those various list items that appear under the Features, Defects and Tasks tabs.

Now as you already know, your personal OnTime dashboard is pretty configurable in terms of what you want it to reflect, and thus it comes as no surprise to learn that one can in fact associate a particular color for just about any item type in OnTime.

This means you can color code your lists via background and foreground color combinations, enhancing the overall experience and helping you work through the data at an even faster rate.

So how do we set the colors? Well, if you have the rights to do so, go to the Tools menu, follow the Manage submenu and select the List Types option. This will bring up a dialog with a number of tabs, allowing you to edit, create or remove the different types of status, priority, severity, etc. types that exist on the system.

Clicking on an existing type brings up another dialog and you will notice a checkbox at the bottom which reads “Enable Color”. Check this box and you will now be able to select an associated color using the “Change Color” color control.

Save your changes and exit back to OnTime. Refresh the database and fiddle with the color coding button to set which types get used for background coloring and which get used for foreground coloring.

And that is all there is to it. Nifty.