Well, that is certainly one way to check whether or not you are allergic to bee stings.

So I was happily striding back to the office after enjoying a refreshing lunch time gym break, when I felt something solid drop onto my head at a fair pace and with a little mini thud. My hair was still wet and so the foreign object didn’t bounce off as expected, rather staying lodged in my locks.

Now seeing as I had just passed underneath a big leafy tree, I assumed it to be a seed or flower or even a berry that had whacked me in the head, and so casually reached up to brush the offending clump of organic material off my crown, when I felt a sharp sting and had to withdraw my hand rather hastily – noticing a bright yellow tuft of matter attached to a stinger digging neatly (and rather pointedly) into my finger.

Yes, it had in fact been a disorientated bee that flew straight into my head and then decided to commit suicide in an effort to defend its new found territory when my gigantic hand came a knocking.

I didn’t spare much of a though for the bee, but that damn little stinger really makes the finger itch for a little bit, doesn’t it?

Well, like I told the guys back at the office, that certainly is one way of finding out whether or not you’re allergic to bee stings – after all, the last time I think I was stung must have been way back when I was still a teeny weeny kid! :)