Another week, another comic book related t-shirt from Pick ‘n Pay that makes its way onto my shelf back home. This week’s t-shirt marvel features none other than the ultimate bad boy of the comic book world: Wolverine!

I guess not much has to be said about the short, gruff ball of muscle and attitude that is Logan, aka Wolverine, what with his jump from comic books to big screen movie adaptations. But for those of you who don’t know, Wolverine is a mutant with enhanced senses, a heightened healing ability that allows him to recover from just about any injury or illness and most iconically important of all, an adamantium fused skeleton that comes complete with three retractable claws on each hand!

This is one anti-hero who you really don’t want to make angry, even if he is primarily with those goody two-shoes the X-Men!

Bub, don't mess with me. After all I'm the best at what I do... and what I do isn't nice.

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