Heh. When I was a bachelor, just moved out of the house and living in a flat all on my lonesome, one of my main staple food groups was that of Freezerland – basically the multitude of frozen, crumbed products that Freezerland produced en masses and sold at their factory shop in Bellville was all that stood in the way of me going hungry and being forced to eat my own poor attempts at cooking!

So day in and day out it was some or other variation of their crumbed chicked, fried in oil and accompanied by tinned pineapple, curried carrots, the all important smash (instant mash) and of course some Jive cooldrink to wash it down with (hey, I started out poor you know!).

Ah, the good old days.

Needless to say, I have since moved on from Freezerland, now being in the fortunate position where I have a trained chef to cook some or other scrumptious supper for me every now and then, meaning that the need for Freezerland’s frozen wonderland of goodies is now simply no longer there – ignoring the fact that of course I have long since moved away from Belliville – and thus can’t get any more of their products anyway! ;)

But that is all set to change, now that I have finally discovered that Freezerland still lives and breathes – and has a branch right here in my back garden – nestled in the heart of Somerset West business park!

A find completely by accident (thanks random advertising board), I had the pleasure of taking Chantelle into the hallowed halls of this new discovery on Saturday, where I enjoyed waxing lyrically to her with each familiar favourite passed, even going so far to grab a packet here and there in the quest to teach my wife exactly what it was that sustained me through those early years!

I am so looking forward to it, I am in heaven I tell you. Already the classic Southern Fried Chicken Strips have made their giddy return!

I am home. Freezerland is back and on the menu at long last! Long live this period of bachelor nostalgia! Oh to be young again! ;)