So last week’s Mamma Mia musical didn’t quite clear Chantelle’s flu away, but it certainly did bring a smile to her face, brought out a laugh or two and got her head bopping to the music – so in terms of just that it was a great success then!

As for the show itself, it really was a fun show, well worth the ticket price and a great bit of fluffy, light-hearted entertainment. No wonder the Artscape was full house as per usual then! ;)

We had great seats, in the middle, towards the front and these proved to be awesome as we had the perfect view of the action happening before us the whole way through the show.

The set design is extremely simple with a single backdrop employed throughout the entire show, cleverly lighted to dictate different times of the day and complemented by a brilliant circular sliding set of three stylized panels which basically swung in and out, or around in a circular pattern to make up the various aspects of the Greek island taverna, effortlessly depicting the outside of the structure, the inner courtyard, room interiors, the works – in other words dead simple and an absolutely brilliant concept!

As for the cast, they were all brilliant and suitably lively in their respective roles (even the guy who used to play Wimpie in Orkney Snork Nie was pretty okay), while the singing was all pretty much perfect to boot – no terrible Pierce Brosnan on the night to deal with in other words! ;)

The end result is a great light hearted show which will have you tapping your foot merrily along, even if you aren’t the world’s greatest ABBA fan. Loads of fun and a guaranteed good night’s entertainment, that’s for sure!

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