Nice. There is nothing better than an unexpected gift. Like emptying your desk drawers in order to pack the contents into boxes for the move over to your new house and noticing a sturdy little mini blue envelope staring back up at you from the bottom-most drawer.

On closer inspection, the mini blue envelope reveals it is the packaging for a Tygervalley Gift Card, one which seems to have never been unwrapped before.

Punching its numbers into the extremely useful What’s On My Card website then reveals its hidden bounty: R500!

And the card expiry date? 10/10. We literally found it just in time!

Turns out that it was one of our gifts received at our wedding back in November last year, one which somehow slipped out the pile and lay hidden in the bottom of the drawer, out of sight and out of mind.

Until now that is. And believe you me, the timing couldn’t have been any better if it tried.


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