Admittedly I haven’t been around here on these pages (or those of for that matter) all that much as of late – never mind my poor neglected of course! I could of course say that one of the reasons for this is the time and effort I’m putting into generating my portfolio site ( on the side, but that would be a lie as most of you would have guessed by now – I’ve pretty much been spending all my time, money and energy on getting our new home up and running and in ship shape before the big furniture/appliance move arrives on the 25th of this month.

So far a huge majority of all our household contents have been shifted across to our new home and neatly packed away in their respective places. In the process we’ve discovered that the kitchen holds surprisingly more things than what we ever could have hoped for, the bedroom cupboard space is more generous that what I had at the flat and the dining room table looks pretty damn awesome and is even more functional than ever before in the braai room.

Oh, and don’t let me get started on just how awesome the office space is.

On top of all that, we’ve made the first baby purchase, having bought a nice second hand white cot for Jessica, Chantelle and the rest of the Montgomery tribe have been hard at work cleaning the carpets and the fittings, and I’ve being having a field day outside, happily landscaping and discovering my green fingers (which I’m enjoying tremendously).

So in other words, so far everything is on track – though I have just learned that Chantelle now has a bee in her bonnet and wants to paint two of the rooms, namely the bedroom and the bathroom.

In other words, the sleeves remain rolled up high.

This weekend is the last weekend before the big furniture and appliances roll in, so I need to tackle moving Ficus, rip out some plants, tidy up even more cement slabs, move my computer equipment and then handle some paint brushes.

I won’t lie, I’m loving every second of all this. Now, who would ever have thought it? ;)