So we’ve been in our new home for only a week and still the entertaining continues. It was a good weekend, plenty of work on the house, in the garden, sprinkled with loads of sorting out of junk and just a touch of some Blur gaming on the Saturday, with some Highschool of the Dead episodes to entertain me on the side to boot.

But it was of course the visits that ate up the most time, kicking off with a splendid catch-up-on-all-the-news visit from Damen and Michelle on Saturday, who just like Dean and Zania, are also about to enter the house market. So there was a lot to catch up on, with pictures to support, and buoyed by Chantelle’s  delightful little snack haul from Spar, the visit ran as smooth as a well trained clown on a unicycle.

Sunday on the other hand saw Chantelle and myself playing host to mom and dad for a proper Sunday afternoon braai, this being the first time they’ve seen our new house after we’d moved in. Again, tons of catch-up news to fill the day (particularly considering the fact that pops just returned from what sounds like an awesome canoe trip down the Orange River), propped up by a delicious braai prepared by tongmaster Craig (i.e. me).

So yup, the visitations just keep pouring in – but then it is probably about time we start interacting with the public again after being so reclusive these past couple of months I guess! :P