I haven’t gotten around to posting many pictures of our new home, or even discussing it that much, but I thought it imperative that I share this particular snapshot with you before it gets lost in the clutter that makes up my desktop.

Although Chantelle and I have been rather busy whipping the rest of our house into shape with all the new purchases, arrangements and decor choices, we haven’t quite neglected the baby room altogether – already we have a wonderfully comfortable lazy boy recliner, originally belonging to Chantelle’s grandfather, now sitting proudly in Jessica’s room, ready for those late nights when mom will be fighting sleep deprivation in order to calm and feed our baby girl.

Our first purchase for the room was however a fantastic little white cot, with three adjustable bed heights, a sliding front gate which allows for easy access and a nice and chewable gummy guard on the rail for when little Jessica eventually develops what will be her ferocious Mike Tyson bite force (a proper little fighter she’ll be, mark my words!).

The theme for the room is going to basically be white with as much girly stuff/patterns as possible (you should see the too cute clothes and cloth that are already making its way here), in other words a super fun project that lies ahead of us once the rest of the house is finally up to our standard.

Anyway, back to the snapshot at hand. Despite the fact that we did buy our little white cot second hand and for a very good price from a lady out in Somerset West (transported back in Whammy’s bakkie with me sitting on the back holding onto it for dear life), it will definitely need to be properly tested to ensure it provides a quality resting place for our coming baby girl.

So it was.

By a tester with a particular expertise in that rather specialized field…

Jessica's cot being tested for comfort level

I’ve got a feeling Jessica will be receiving more than her fair share of furry love in the future! ;)