Although I’ve posted simple random color generating code snippets before, I’ve noticed since that most of them have a flaw in that they sometimes don’t always produce a proper six character long hex color code.

Hence I have posted my latest random color generating PHP function to these pages in the interest of reminding myself at a later stage when I need it again!

So let’s have a look at the function shall we?

function generateRandomColor(){
    $randomcolor = '#' . strtoupper(dechex(rand(0,10000000)));
    if (strlen($randomcolor) != 7){
        $randomcolor = str_pad($randomcolor, 10, '0', STR_PAD_RIGHT);
        $randomcolor = substr($randomcolor,0,7);
return $randomcolor;

Pretty simple really.

Grab a random decimal number, convert it to hex and pad right with some zeroes to ensure the proper character length.

Fairly random and guaranteed to always give you pretty results!