The time for Jessica to join us in this great big world is starting to quicken its step now, and as a result we now find ourselves having already enrolled in and attended our first antenatal classes!

On recommendation of Andy, we got in contact with one Irene Bourquin, the so-called Dragon of Drommedaris Road, a registered midwife, author and renowned international pregnancy/baby expert that has been servicing the greater Helderberg area for more years than anyone can remember now.

Her antenatal classes are well known around Strand, Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay and it was fantastic news when she happily accepted the two of us to join her class of people expecting late December early January! (If you are wondering, the class groups are specifically staggered so that people attending are all more or less in the same stage of pregnancy and thus all hear exactly the info that they need to when they need to).

Classes are held in Irene’s house in Drommedaris Road, Somerset West, and the first class saw both prospective moms and dads come in two by two where we got to meet Irene, a middle-aged lady of Scottish descent who is as straightforward as they come, takes absolutely no nonsense, contains acres of useful and up to date information to impart upon us and most importantly, has an absolutely hilarious dry sense of humour that is guaranteed to have you guffawing out loud as she teaches you the ins and outs of how your life is going to change, what you need to expect, and most important of all, how to actually physically tackle it.

Although one thinks they know what to do when it comes to baby care, going on what you have picked up over the years, you’ll quickly learn that most of what you thought is completely outdated and it is an absolute eye opener as to what the new ways of doing things are and more importantly, the things that might have been missed out on in the past but which need to be done today.

Irene is an absolute fountain of practical knowledge with the experience to back it up. She makes a wonderful teacher and we truly are blessed to have been pointed in her direction. I’ve been to one class so far, Olifant Pootjies to two (women only class the second time around due to space concerns – stretching and the like), and already I’ve learned how to bath my child, what tools I need in the baby room and how to save tons of money on ear buds and cotton wool, the first because you don’t need them at all and the second because of cotton wool’s ability to bake and expand in the oven! :)

Classes are set to run deep into December, and at R70 a shot, they are more than worth it considering all the info, training and physical products we receive. Her book for newborn parents is already at my bedside table, and we’ve even purchased two books as gifts, specifically targeted at grandparents to ensure that both sets of our moms and dads renew their baby raising knowledge before we let them even close to little Jessica! :P

Antenatal classes.

Now who would have ever thought you would find me in one of those! ;)