Eish, I’ve been living in my new home for well over a month now, so you would think I’m fairly familiar with it and can operate around pretty much blind by now.

You would think so wouldn’t you?

Well not based on this morning’s evidence, no.

So I wake up bright and early to get everything ready before my visit “Olifant Pootjies no more” in the hospital, drag myself out of bed, enter the en-suite bathroom, turn open the shower tap, and patiently stand there tapping my foot with my arm in the shower as I wait for the water temperature to rise sufficiently so that I can actually jump in.

And I wait. And I wait.

Eventually, getting a little annoyed (which is not so easy to do so early in the morning for me believe it or not), I mutter and grumble out aloud, grab my spectacles and peer into the shower.

Indeed. I was waiting for the miracle when at last our COLD water tap would somehow begin to gush out rainbows, unicorns and hot water.