Sunday 21 November and its another good day for little Jessica. It was a later visit in the afternoon than normal, thanks to our partaking in a fabulous lunch with both sets of newly appointed grandparents over at the Montgomery Stronghold, where Robert had set to work in whipping up three delicious Weber roasted chickens.

I'm beginning to get rather used to this doorway...

As for Jessica, she’s unfortunately back on the CPAP oxygen machine for precautionary sake, but we learned that they have decided to up her milk intake by a good 2 ml as well as slowly begin weaning her off the artificial nutrients that she has been up to now receiving via a drip.

Also, she has picked up a further 20 grams, indicating that her slow but steady mass gain continues unabated.

Chantelle did her usual kangaroo stint with baby on chest, and for a change Steri and Stumpie behaved themselves by not wetting C’s shirt, as she clung on to baby for yet another hour. During that time, Jessica developed the cutest of little hiccups, and just to make sure we all know that her system is starting to work like it is supposed to, she even let out a little fart through the nappy into Chantelle’s hand.

As for me? Apart from the daily duty of transferring the breast milk between containers, marking them and depositing them into the fridge correctly, I entertained myself by sitting in the cafeteria and reading my book.

Apparently little Jessica with little hiccups is just too cute a combination for words!

Sigh, it’s a tough job being the man sometimes! ;)