Monday 22 November and another good day for Jessica. Although back on the CPAP for its oxygen assistance (well actually just for its monitoring at the moment really). Jessica is now taking in 4 ml of my Mooman’s produce, with Steri and Stumpie still performing their duty admirably. A small increase in weight has been achieved as well, but probably the coolest thing is that they’ve been forced to move the entry point of Jessie’s drip from her hand to her foot, meaning that for the first time she has both hands un-taped, fingers free to explore and now simultaneously clutch both mom and dad’s hand!

Jessica clearly indicating to us that she doesn't want to be bugged at the moment

This was the first day where I needed to pop in to work in Westlake for an hour as per the agreement, meaning that my day consisted of working early morning, taking Chantelle (still in a bit of pain) through to Kuilsriver Hospital, saying hello to my daughter, going through to work, sit in meetings with John and Simon and catch up with the rest of the company news, return in rush hour traffic to the hospital to collect Chantelle, return to Gordon’s Bay, swing by Spur in the mall so that Chantelle can treat me to supper to thanks and then finally back home to continue working.

Needless to say, pretty tiring stuff.

But as things currently stand, I’ll keep up this process (not the Spur part mind you) for the rest of this week, but starting next week we’ll relocate the hopefully by then 85% recovered Chantelle to Bellville to live with her parents for an easier access to the hospital during the day and leave me in Gordon’s Bay to tend to the cats and the house, as well as start working out from the Touchwork office in Westlake again.

So prognosis? Things are still looking up for the Lotter Clan, and more importantly, little Jessica is doing A-okay! :)

A shot of the Netcare Kuilsriver NICU where Jessica is currently being looked after

Jessie already practicing her fighter poses with clenched fist and the proper stretching exercises!