LastPass is a fantastic password vault application available over a number of different platforms and with a huge range of rather useful features that includes things like automatic form filling, one-click login, synchronization across browsers and of course bullet-proof password management/storage.

Our quick little how to today deals with how to easily delete all your stored vault items at once.

Of course, if you have time and are a patient person, you could go row by row, deleting each item one item at a time by clicking on the delete action, but obviously if you were that type of person you wouldn’t be reading this post.

So instead, let me show you how to achieve deleting multiple or all items in one swoop. If you didn’t realise it yet, the LastPass vault acts a bit like a normal folder view, meaning that you can select multiple items by the usual combination of either holding down shift or ctrl and left clicking on the desired items.

Once you have selected all the items you wish to remove, simply right click and select the “Delete Selected” option in order to remove those vault items.


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