I’m hoping this weekend goes down a lot better than the last. What a horrible, horrible weekend it was. It started off pleasant enough come Friday though, with our daily visit to little Jessica at the Kuilsriver NICU, followed by my suggestion that I braai for the two of us once back home.

This I did (while Chantelle snoozed away I might add), and the end result was a delicious combination of boerewors, pork chops, chicken drumsticks, cheese braai broodjies and watermelon.

And then the shit hit the fan.

Chantelle demonstrating how we spend the weekend - sick and in bed!

No sooner had the both of us finished eating when we started to complain about feeling a little nauseous. This slowly built up and so we sent ourselves packing off to bed, where unfortunately things just escalated. Soon we were both jumping up and dashing to whichever bathroom was available, where we filled the night sky with the delightful eclectic mixed sounds of both vomiting and diarrhoea.


But let us make it a little funnier should we? Do you know what else went wrong on Friday night? We ran out of damn electricity. Meaning that all of the above had to be carried out in complete and utter darkness. In other words, fun and messy games people!

Needless to say, Friday night was not a good night. And neither was the whole of Saturday. Struck down by this horrible bout of food poisoning, the severely weakened duo of Chantelle and Craig spent much of the day asleep in bed, venturing outside of the house only once in order to pick up medical supplies and some Coca Cola to try and help our grumbling stomaches. (And even that trip did not go well for Craig)

Tired, sore and hungry, I somehow managed to watch the Springboks versus England rugby game, but that was pretty much that. No visit to Jessica could be made (the first day we’ve missed thus far!) and the obligatory cancellation call to Michelle for her birthday celebration also needed to be made.

It was a sad, sad day for number 5 Country Mews.

Sunday wasn’t all that much better except that we didn’t sleep the ENTIRE day. Still, what a waste of a weekend it was. Sigh, and we had so, so much to do around the house and the garden as well, never mind Jessie’s room which we haven’t even started on yet! :(