Whew, okay, I’m back to wreak more havoc with the written word, having taken a bit of a break from blogging thanks to a) the really enjoyable X-Men Origins: Wolverine xbox game, b) the really enjoyable Marvel Anime: Iron Man, c) the really enjoyable Wolverine and the X-Men animated show, d) the NOT so enjoyable experience of having my blogs hacked and having to clean up and restore everything, e) loads of fun family visits, f) the NOT so fun daily extended commutes, and finally the most IMPORTANT reason in explaining away my tardiness in these pages:

Jessica, already having had enough of her dad's incessant prattle!

So I’m back, chained to my office desk, keyboard firmly underneath my fingers as I slowly begin bringing the creaking cogs back online, eager to churn out some more content for all my ravenous readers out there.

(And for those not quite so ravenous out there – I’ve now added an exclusive Jessica category accessible from the top menu to feed you exactly what you came here for in the first place!)

In summary?

Yes, I’m back to my regular 6 or 7 posts a week schedule once more…