Things are a little tough with Chantelle and myself living apart at the moment, so last Friday was pretty cool in that we set aside a little alone time and after visiting with Jessica in the hospital, I whisked my wife away and off we drove to Tygervalley where we selected a movie to watch for the first time in absolute ages (I believe the last time we were at the cinema was to catch the new Karate Kid!)

Actually, there are quite a couple of worthy films on the big screen at the moment, but Chantelle was quite keen on Spud, and so we booked our tickets and then slinked across the food hall to grab some McDonalds for supper (also a first in a very, very long time!). Despite the unnerving sight of a completely passed out man sleeping on the couch across from us, we enjoyed the quick bite to eat, before hurriedly making our way back to the cinemas, making the usual Chantelle pitstop combined with the Chantelle in the popcorn queue routine in the process.

Spud was surprisingly well supported, but we managed to secure decent seats and settled down to enjoy the huge number of adverts, no film previews and what turned out to be a pretty decent film – even if I didn’t end up walking out quite satisfied at the end of it all. The reason for this I’m pretty sure is a combination of a) I haven’t read any of the books and b) I never went to boarding school.

Still, it was a well made movie with a likeable cast all around, and more importantly, John Cleese was absolutely brilliant in his particular role. So I liked that.

Spud the movie, our entertainment for Friday night

Anyway, back to the Montgomery Stronghold we went, where after a quick cup of coffee and some banter with the family, I hit the road and finally made my way home to Gordon’s Bay – and my awaiting, ravenous cats.

Saturday I actually spent vegged out in Gordon’s Bay, leaving Chantelle to enjoy her hastily rearranged Stork Party in Bellville, while I took care of the domestic side at home, basically shut indoors for the entire day thanks to the howling gale force winds that were battering the whole of GB (and which nearly cost me my back door!).

But relax I did, as I plowed through my Wolverine and the X-Men DVDs, completed X-Men Origins: Wolverine and started WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 all in one day – in other words an epic day of geekery all to myself!

In fact, the only time I ventured outside was to go steak shopping at Pick ‘n Pay, something I managed to locate easily enough but also managed to produce possibly the blandest meal ever, out of. Don’t ask, it’s embarrassing to admit the truth.

Sunday however I did brave the wind, and hooked up with Chantelle in Bellville in order to make our first ever visit to the Stapelberg’s new pad – in celebration of our godchild Zandea’s first birthday! And because we like the full spectrum of events, from there we travelled over to Mom’s place in order to celebrate granny Bothma’s 80th birthday!

Zandea enjoying her first birthday! Presents, presents!

Oh, and obviously to the hospital we went as well, enjoying yet another fabulous bonding session with little Jessica.

And that my friends, was my weekend in a nutshell. Or rather in a condensed blog form if you want to be pedantic of course! ;)