Well apart from the hordes of players that couldn’t make it in the end, last night (and because I’m taking a while to crank out these posts nowadays, this means Tuesday 28 December) ended up being quite enjoyable – thanks to the discovery of some untapped raw FIFA talent in form of one Mr. Damen Oosthuizen.

Seeing as I had to make a trip through to Tygervalley to get a longer chain for the pendant I had bought for Chantelle for Christmas, it kind of made sense to organise an evening of FIFA kick-about considering it may very well be the last time I get out of the house for the foreseeable future with Jessica’s imminent arrival.

However, one by one the invites toppled over, with Mr. Brown’s schedule clashing, Mr. Stapelberg busy preparing for his mini holiday, Mr. Storbeck struck down by a sudden bout of illness and Mr. Smith detained by sudden and unexpected family commitments.

Slightly dejected, I nevertheless pressed forward with the original plan, made the trip through after work to Bellville, got the chain swapped out for a longer one, grabbed a bite to eat, joined Ryan for a couple of quick bouts of Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 before a surprise doorbell ring announced the arrival of Damen, who up until that point had been deemed a no show as well.

Well it was straight down to business (well after a quick house tour for Damen seeing as this was his first time over at Ryan’s pad) and the FIFA was whipped out, set up first in Norwegian (because we can) and then in English because we really don’t understand anything else.

Damen and I partnered up against Ryan for the first batch of games, and admittedly we didn’t start out particularly well, going down in fiery flames again and again as Ryan pulverized us at every opportunity.

However, warm-up games these were, because it wasn’t too long before Damen found his rhythm and all of a sudden the competitive games sprung to life. Conversation died to a bare minimum, the tension cranked up and the action became pretty enthralling and intense. There were a lot of woodwork shots and complete and utter mad goal mouth scrambles, two brilliant free kick goals courtesy of Ryan, edge-of-the-seat penalty shoot-outs and some hilarious bits of action, all making for an absolutely nail biting evening of virtual football.

The match-ups changed constantly and even on his own, newbie Damen was proving a deadly threat, meaning we just may have found another permanent player to add to our FIFA player roster.

In other words, Karl is REALLY going to have to pull up his socks now! :)