At the moment I quite enjoying watching television shows on my iPod while working out at gym. Of course to get these television show episodes on my little iPod, I first need to rip them off my DVDs and convert them into MP4 – which of course results in one long video file which is of no use to anyone.

So how do I split my MP4 video files into episode chunks for the iPod?

Enter YAMB, standing for “Yet another MP4Box user interface for Windows users”.

Although a slightly buggy and prone to crashing every now and then application, YAMB does a lot of good video editing work with its implementation of the powerful MP4Box software, and one of its functions that I enjoy the most is the ability to split a MP4 file in a number of different ways.

To split is remarkably easy. Select the split function from the video edit menu, load the file to split, select the desired points to split, be it a space in time, by size or by duration, and hit the split button.

The application then proceeds to neatly cut up the file to your specification and voila, bite-sized episode chunks for you iPod!


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