(Wow, it is proving to be quite difficult to get in any sort of blogging now that Jessica is back home with us. Apologies, but this one was meant to be pushed out on Monday already!)

So another gorgeous summer’s weekend here in Gordon’s Bay has come and gone, though shamefully I can’t exactly say I made the most of it… but that is entirely Jessie’s fault! :)

The thing is, seeing as she is technically still at a minus age (was only due to be born round about now) and thus still pretty fragile, we’ve got to tread pretty lightly in terms of environmental factors, in other words forces like wind, sun, and of course germie wormies – all of which translates to no Lotter family outside time just yet!

Still, it is not like I didn’t get a truckload of stuff done over the short little break.

I arrived home on Friday (after battling through Muizenburg and the rest of Baden Powell’s beach attending and traffic jam inducing crowds), just in time to catch Chantelle’s cousin ChanĂ© and Jasper who had popped in for a Jessica visit seeing as they are currently down for a little holiday visit from the middle of nowhere world of Loeriesfontein.

Following that, I took my turn in looking after Jessica while Chantelle managed supper, after which I entertained Jessica and myself by spending the rest of the evening watching Wolverine and the X-Men and bashing apart bad guys in the insanely addictive button basher, Ninety Nine Nights which Mr. Brown had previously so generously bequeathed unto me. Of course, there was that little thing of the midnight feed and nappy change to take care of (Chantelle had taken the night off to catch up on her sleep in case you were wondering where she was), but thankfully I managed to get through all of that without too much issue, though I did have to call in reinforcements by waking up Chantelle halfway through the nappy change because I had forgotten a crucial step or two in the process!

Saturday was a day from the Gods, which of course I took full advantage of by spending most of the day working out in the garden. Mowing, edging, weeding, mucking about, you name it, I dabbled around in it. Of course, the result of all this dabbling is that the end result is that it doesn’t look like I did anything, but believe you me, my sweaty work clothes are testament to all the hard work! :P (Hell, even the shed got sorted out, never mind the curtain rail that went up in the bedroom!)

As for entertainment (and the all important brunch and supper), Chantelle handled the latter supper part with a charming chicken salad and I the latter brunch part with a delectable pancake selection, while the former was taken care of yet more Wolverine and the X-Men as well as Jessica’s first ever Jackie Chan movie viewing session with Daddy. Somehow I don’t think she took much in, bet rest assured this will happen many, many times in the future as I slowly mind wash her into becoming a Jackie Chan fan like her old man. (In case you were wondering, this time around it was The Prisoner that entertained us. Technically though, she watched Armour of God last weekend, but seeing as she was in Mommy’s arms, that doesn’t count!)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, once again I handled the midnight feed and nappy change of my little dribble monster, this time finishing everything without incident and thus leaving Chantelle to loudly snore in peace.

Sunday was yet more manual clean up labour, with plenty of chores to be done, not to mention the big tidy up (at long last!) of my office space. Finally, the entire desk and floorspace is now visible on entry! Of course, the clean-up effort wasn’t all for fun, because the afternoon had been set aside for the first visit of my side’s great grandparent line-up, with the two great-grannies being shuttled in by Mom, Dad and Ryan.
Chicken pies, watermelon and Ryan’s choc mint muffins were on offer, as we visited, passed Jessica around like a rugby ball and watched the disastrous SA versus India T20 cricket game.

4 Generations: Daughter, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother(s)!

As for the rest of the evening, I took a hour chunk off by going for a decent-paced walk around Gordon’s Bay suburbia while Chantelle and Jessica caught up on yet more sleep, before heading out to pick up some KFC for some well-deserved junk food supper on my return.

A Clash of the Cameras - Craig versus Ryan

And that was pretty much it. A little bit of Jessica time and then straight to bed, ready to tackle the new week head first. (Which incidentally I didn’t, when I chose to ignore my initial 05:30 alarms, and gotten woken with a start by Chantelle at 06:00, after which I ditched my gym/walk plan and slept in a little longer. Sigh, but at least there was the lunch time gym session and karate still to come to ensure no one could call me lazy!)