I’ll admit the following call to arms e-mail sent out by Ryan to Karl, Terrance and myself in recruiting for Tuesday evening’s upcoming XBOX FIFA get together had Chantelle and I both chuckling out aloud.

(Though she had been laughing far louder earlier on in the evening when I gracefully stood up out of the chair after supper, with plate in hands, turned the corner towards the kitchen and promptly slipped on the newly polished floor. As my legs pumped furiously to try and regain my balance, my hands were juggling with my plate, before eventually managing to compose myself enough to deposit the plate safely on the counter.

God knows the look I must have had on my face during those split seconds!)

Anyway, back to Ryan’s email which managed to put a smile on my face, spelling mistakes and all:

A tale, a request, a plea

Its time…the xbox controllers must be calling you, like sirens along the jagged coastline, luring you towards this plea…”play with us, play with us”. The cob web forest over my xbox grows more dense every hour…if we don’t make haste, it may forever disappear along with the memories it brings. But wait, there is a shimmering light of hope burning in a distant corner….a wanderer from Gordon’s Bay is approaching, alone without his soul mate and demon spawn, craving some quality male bonding, without this, he might shrivel up and die. A red bearded man is opening up his cave door welcoming in the lonely wanderer, inviting him to bask in the warm glow in the middle of the cave…our only hope is the knowledge that we have 2 more waiting for the call…Will you, the afternoon walker and the goat doctor take up this call to arms this coming Tuesday, ensuring the wanderer survives the lonely week….and vanquish the cobweb forest once and for all?

So… poetic and epic all rolled up into one! ;)

original white xbox 360 gaming console

[Oh, and in case you are wondering about the reference to me being abandoned by Chantelle and Jessica, that is because for the whole of this week my wife and my daughter have been whisked away by her parents for a week long stay at a gorgeous guest house on the river in Swellendam. So, so jealous.]