I like doing my administrative things online. Who doesn’t? No more queues, frustrating tellers, being shunted from one desk to the other. And of the online services which I use the most here at home, buying electricity from the awesome payCity definitely ranks as right at the top of the pile!

From the same guys who came up with the original energy.co.za website, payCity links together a number of services for Cape Town and its Connected Citizens initiative, allowing you to pay your speeding fines, both local or national, pay your local “Rates and Taxes”, buy your prepaid electricity via the web or mobile (cellular) phone as well as renew your vehicle licence all from a single website!

Payments are done via credit card and the system works as smoothly as you would expect from any ajax-driven web 2.0 site.

Easy, simple to use and pretty damn efficient, the last time I have been forced to buy my electricity from the local Spar or petrol station was when I actually ran out of power!

Needless to say, this doesn’t happen any more! Nifty ;)

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