So little Jessica is doing well, thanks for asking. No, I haven’t been posting all that much about her up on these pages, but rest assured that is simply because the little floppy dribble monster is happily keeping her parents quite busy with her sleep, cry, change nappy, feed, burp, sometimes bath, rinse and repeat routine.

She’s been for most of her immunisation shots now (bloody expensive if you go to the hospital to have them done – tip, check with pharmacies first, as some of them can use the government-sponsored vaccines, meaning you could literally save up to R800 on some of the injections!), passed her eye and hearing tests with flying colours, and continues to grow at an alarming rate, with her head already a good 10 centimetres larger in diameter and a good couple of extra centimetres in terms of length since bringing her home. Heck, we’ve even been forced to shelve clothes she hasn’t had a chance to wear yet simply because she outgrew them before we could even try them on! :)

On that note though, wow, we really have been blessed, receiving endless gifts in terms of clothing and blankets alike, from friends, family and even complete strangers! Truly a little financial weight lifted off our shoulders for the moment!

Although little Jess is still pretty inactive, one of the things I have taken to quite enjoying doing with her is stealing her out from her mommy’s watchful eye and propping her into the pram, for a bit of a wobbly figure of eight trundle around the Country Mews track. I enjoy the stroll and she seems to enjoy the motion – well at least that’s what her bowels say if the nappies are anything to go by!

On the weekends this gets expanded on where Chantelle, Jessie and I all get dressed up, Jess gets bundled into the pram and we hit the long road to either Spar or Pick ‘n Pay, putting in a good family walk which up until now has always been conducted in rather sweltering summer heat! But hey, Mommy and Daddy enjoy the sweat and little Jessica stays protected in her fabric cocoon, so everybody is pretty happy with the arrangement.

As for our Chelino pram, it handles pretty nicely, though there are times over the rougher tar and terrain that I can’t help but wonder if we shouldn’t have gotten a more rugged, rubber wheeled contraption to cart the little one around in – though at least the current one does successfully fit in our Getz’s boot (just).

Anyway, the point of this post is simple. A) to reassure you that the Lotter family are doing fabulously well (if a little broke at the moment) and B) that Jessie really seems to rather enjoy these pram trips.

So there, now you know! :)