What a bonus, Jessica slept just about all the way through on Monday evening! She’s been quite niggly for the last week or so, particularly during the evening, something that can either be attributed to a side-effect from her shots (states so on the packaging) or perhaps just because of the unbearable heat and humidity we have endured over the last little while. Anyway, we put her to bed after a good feed late evening and come morning when the tell-tale hunger cries began emanating from the nursery, we were quite surprised to see that it was already past 05:00 in the morning! Score! :)

By this stage almost everyone who needs to meet our little princess has done so, and this weekend was certainly no exception in terms of visitors. Friday night saw us hosting Karl and Trish for a Come Dine With Me dinner right out of the top shelf cook book (home made buns, chutney chops, home made soet koekies, home made ice-cream brownie sandwiches – you get the picture!), followed by some hilarious Blur racing bouts on the XBOX.

Saturday we entertained the Montgomery clan, who joined us for a long afternoon braai and then a whole lot of America’s Got Talent television watching (which I left Chantelle and co. to enjoy). Sunday was the turn of Dean, Zania and the adorable Zandea, who is now able to walk and run around all on her own, meaning it was constant watch duty as Dean and I shuffled about after her in the garden. Oh, and she made an awesome tester for the various toys Pops has already got for little Jessica. Following them was a visit from my folks and grandmothers, marking the second time the two Great-grandmas had visited with the little dribble monster.

I don’t think I ever got around to mentioning this yet, but a week or two ago, my baby (and my wife) enjoyed a whole week away from daddy when the two of them were whisked away by Mr and Mrs Montgomery (along with my mother) and taken to a luxurious pad in Swellendam, right along the most beautiful of rivers, while Daddy was left home alone in order to go to work and look after himself, bachelor style – which resulted in him going down as sick as a dog and with Niagara falls for bowel movements.

Nevertheless, while I suffered at home by myself, my wife and child thoroughly enjoyed themselves on their little unofficial holiday, with the former even managing to bag some freshly caught fish in the process!

Oh, and then there was of course the weekend where we entertained Ms. Retha all weekend along, with her excited to be meeting Jessica for the very first time and us excited to be getting the weekend off by abusing her willingness and leaving the middle of the night feeds to the eager one.

And the fondue, mustn’t forget the fondue. Ryan celebrated his birthday with a big fondue fry-up at his house, and yes, always eager to show off our crown jewel to whomever will bother taking a look, Chantelle, Craig and Jessica were all there, present and accounted for!

Finally, the karate ladies. Somehow, when I wasn’t looking, Chantelle managed to befriend the whole gaggle of karate ladies from the Gordon’s Bay dojo, organising visits and the like without even providing snacks or for that matter, inviting me along! :P

Anyway, so as you can see, or rather the point of this rather jumbled post is that the Gordon’s Bay branch of the Lotter Clan has most certainly not cut themselves off from the rest of the world – and as long as there is an audience or opportunity, we’ll exploit it with our daughter!

Sweet ;)

(P.S. You should now be more or less up to date with the goings on over the last couple of weeks while I took a bit of a break from the blog. Clever, eh?)