Incredibly boring and pointless. 13 episodes long, firmly in the drama and slice of life genre, Bartender tells the story of a… bar, a bartender and the patrons that find their way to him to relate their sob story so that he can fix a drink to make them feel better. Lots of work done by a narrator, lots of loving given to drinks (complete with ingredient menus) and really of absolutely no interest to anyone, even if you do enjoy quality drink or have time on your hands.

Animation is actually pretty good though, even if the show splices a lot of live-action photo work (mostly of bottle labels) and small CG strolls (like running down the length of a wooden bar top) into the episodes. Likewise, the voice actors are well matched to the characters and the lounge-style background, opening and closing tracks all suit the show pretty well.

Summary. I really couldn’t bring myself to watch more than an episode or two of this very drawn out, over-dramatic and slightly pointless (and boring) show.

(Incomplete viewing)

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