Actually worth a chuckle or two. This 25 episode long series from director Shinichi Watanabe takes the fun scenario of throwing together four gleamingly handsome young lads with a desperate shortage of cash, forced to leech off a wealthy mansion owner in order to survive and then tossed into the situation of being forced to look after the wealthy owner’s niece who moves into the mansion and more importantly turn her into a proper young lady – there is only one problem though: Sunako (the niece) is so emo and disturbed that she’s almost something straight out of a grab your jugular horror movie!

What follows is a barrel of laughs that pokes fun at fashion trends, beauty and emo as the four shallow boys try and turn around the life of a girl who really doesn’t think that much of herself and would prefer everyone around her to die! (Just because a really handsome boy previously rejected her and called her ugly in case you were wondering).

Although essentially a drama with strong romantic elements, there is such over the top comedy combined with the pretty shaky but wonderfully silly animation style that it becomes a treat for most types of viewer out there, guaranteeing to pull at least one chuckle when you least expect it. Also, aurally the voice artists are all over the top and thus match the on-screen antics to the T, meaning that overall this is a fairly enjoyable romp worth catching when you get a little tired of the latest mecha explosion magic show.

(Incomplete viewing)

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