Well the good new is that little Jessica is still growing at the pace of a Concorde in flight – and we now have an excellent paediatrician close to home.

Bwa ha ha ha ha. Now I am well on my way to becoming Jesszilla!

On to the stats. According to the latest doctor’s measurements, Jessica now clocks in at a length of 55 centimetres, with a head diameter of 38 centimetres, and weighs in at an impressive 3.9 kilograms (good stuff that mommy’s milk, eh?).

As for the paediatrician, Dr. Peter White operates out from Vergelegen Medi-Clinic hospital in Somerset West, making him about 15 minutes away from us if we need to get to him in a hurry. We were pointed in his direction by Laluna, who has been using him for years for her own daughter, and now that Chantelle has her first visit to him under her belt (Thanks to the parent-in-laws for the monetary assist – they felt just as strongly about getting a second opinion on Jessie’s umbilical hernia as Chantelle did), we can see exactly why she likes him so much.

Friendly, competent, straight to the point, and most important of all – thorough. He had an answer for all of Chantelle’s questions and at the end of the day she just has a really good feeling about him.

(And we learned a whole lot more about babies in the process).

And all of this is particularly good news because despite all the good work that Dr. Edson and the Kuilsriver Netcare hospital have done for us in getting Jessica to this point, having to drive out each and every time to Kuilsriver was becoming a real pain and difficult to maintain.

In other words, a new baby care chapter has now officially been opened.