Over the last while, saying that Jessica has been a bit niggly over some of the warm Summer evenings we have endured thus far would be a bit of an understatement, as for some or other reason she has taken to crying out aloud for no discernible reason whatsoever*, with us having ruled out hunger, wet nappy, tummy cramps etc. Even holding her is no cure for her cries, and so of course this quickly becomes quite irritating to deal with, particularly after you arrive back home, depleted from an hour long commute and a hard day’s worth of work at the office.

And as we all know, the more irritable we get, the less loving we are, which is not a position any parent enjoys finding themselves in.

But then I think of these photos below and well, am forced to remember that the flip side holds true as well – sometimes Baby becomes quite irritated with Daddy too! :)

*Well, it could simply be the heat, but that doesn’t explain then why she is as good as gold during the day. And it can’t be the dark, because this occurs even when all the lights are on. Oh, and it can’t be increased noise levels from the television, because that too is on for most of the days.

Figuring out baby talk is scientific work I tell you!