So after a rather long stretch of home alone thanks to the arrival of little Jessica at our household, Chantelle and Craig have now officially started moving around in the friends and family circle once again.

From two weekends’ ago visit with Natasha and Evan at our place, followed by Chantelle’s gran Nola’s memorial service last Tuesday, and Retha and Miguels sleep over visits over Wednesday and Thursday evening past, all the way through to this weekend’s non-stop family and friends time, it is safe to say we’re back in action.

And hey, we even managed to go on our first date night, the first since young Dribble Monster came into our lives!

This past weekend was REALLY jam-packed with visiting hours. On Friday evening it kicked off with a family Weber chicken braai at the Montgomery Stronghold, where we enjoyed a great evening in the company of Monty, Cheryl, Robert, Debbie, Gail, Nicholas and Angie. Saturday followed this up with a day in Mom, Dad, Ryan and the rest of my extended family’s company, as we celebrated Mom’s birthday all day long with the appropriate assortment of cake and cookies. The perfect opportunity for everyone (both family and family friends) who hasn’t yet met little Jessica to do so, and the perfect weather for me to grab a much needed dip in Pop’s pool when no one was looking.

Come Saturday evening though, we left Jessica safely in Mom and Dad’s hands as they continued to entertain visitors, and sneaked off to Tygervalley, where we were able to catch our first movie in absolute months! As it turned out “Morning Glory” was just what the doctor had ordered, proving to be a thoroughly enjoyable little film that had us laughing all the way through. From there, we ended off our little sneak about by going to the newly revamped Silver Spur, where the two of us enjoyed a nice quiet meal alone in one another’s company, with only the exciting Stormers versus Lions Super Rugby game providing any real distraction on the night.

We slept over at Mom’s place that evening, meaning we were perfectly positioned to drop little Jessica off with the other set of grandparents now on babysitting duty, and head off to Kraaifontein, where we met the whole gaggle of friends over at Dean and Zania’s place, in celebration of their official house-warming day.

And in case you are wondering why little Jessica didn’t tag along for that last visit session, we were warned that little Zandea had picked up a bit of a bug along the way, meaning that we didn’t want to introduce a new superbug to the world seeing that young Jess has too been struggling with a little bit of a cold or something over the last little while.

This is probably how all alone Jessica was beginning to feel, considering how much we left her in the care of other people over this weekend!

Anyway, so as you can see, it would appear that Chantelle and I are finally properly back in circulation, meaning that the rest of you lot can expect to be seeing a whole lot more of us pretty soon – in other words, better start stocking up the braai wood! :)

P.S. What is not cool however, is coming home late Sunday afternoon, after a long weekend of being out and about, opening the door and being greeted by an explosion of feathers, bird guts and seed all over your lounge floor and bedroom carpet. Not to mention the fact that the cats also managed to turn on the Samsung LCD television in the process as well! :(