I have a shiny red 4th generation 4GB iPod Nano (special HIV/AIDS edition) that was gifted to me on my parting from Commerce I.T. after 7 years of loyal service to them. It’s a great little MP3 and video player, perfect for the gym in fact.

So you can imagine my frustration in getting home after a long day at work, whipping out the iPod Nano from my gym bag in order to update its track listing, only to find it completely dead as a doornail.

Totally bricked.

Crap. Despondent, I lamented the issue of FaceBook and within a couple of minutes, my phone rang with my brother on the line. “Have you tried doing a hard reset yet?”

Eh? While not listed in the manual, there is in fact a way to reset your iPod Nano which should hopefully allow it to restore itself to working order and get out of its brick-like crash mode.

To perform the reset is remarkably simple once you know how. First, lock the iPod and then unlock the iPod in the usual fashion. Once unlocked, press and hold both the top menu button as well as the centre circle button together for about 15 seconds. At the end of this period, the Apple logo should show up on the screen.

A couple of seconds later, you will be back in action, ready to be entertained as if there was nothing ever wrong in the first place.