Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. 13 action packed episodes of awesome, featuring Batman and his butler take on a host of villains straight out of his classic rogue’s gallery – albeit all sporting new buffed up Jeff Matsuda designs of course. The writing is fun, the series picks up from exactly where the first one ended (and notes its continuity) and most of all, the stories all happen to be clever, usually quite witty, and filled to the brim with action and adventure (and gadgets!).

Although simple in terms of lines, the snappy designs mix well with the stylized backgrounds, making for a very polished visual spectacle to take in. Aurally, Rino Romano continues to command your attention as a very capable Bruce Wayne/Batman, as does the rest of the vocal crew. And then of course there is still that awesome musical track to absorb courtesy of The Edge (of U2 fame).

Summary. I dare you to find a kid (boy) who doesn’t like this, and more importantly, Batman fanboys of all ages will drool over this. Well worth spending your money on.

(Complete viewing)

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