This post serves more as a bookmark for me than anything else, now that I have been tasked with learning the icky world of Zend and its MVC pattern from the powers above here at work. Learning Zend is not for the faint hearted, that is for sure, and just finding your feet takes a fair bit of reading.

One of the best introductory and explanatory tutorials introducing new users to Zend that I have come across yet, is written by one Nicholas Chase, a consultant at Backstop Media who writes for the IBM developerWorks website.

Originally written way back in 2006 and consequently updated in January 2011, this excellent nine part tutorial covers just about everything someone starting out needs to know, including database work, feed and inputFilter usage, HTTPClient and PDF, e-mail sending and searching, connecting to outside services like Flickr and even adding AJAX to your application.

The tutorial segments are all well written, well laid out, with detailed explanations seemingly always forthcoming.

And hey, after going through everything you’ll even have your very own RSS reader to show off! ;)

You can kick off the tutorial by clicking here.


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