Hilarious and charmingly cute, all rolled into one humorous slice of life bundle for which you need a heart of coal to not be able to enjoy. 26 episodes consisting of 130 short 5 minute segments of pure silliness, Azumanga Daioh takes you through the daily school lives of six very different girls and two of their teachers, each with their own very eccentric attributes. All aspects of school life through the different seasons are covered (with a gratuitous helping of the absurd along the way) and by the end of their three years in high school, you can’t help but feel you with with them for every step of the way.

In terms of characters you get the sickeningly cute child prodigy Chiyo Mihama, the athletic but reserved and no luck with animals Sakaki, the slow and slightly dim-witted Ayumu “Osaka” Kasuga, the patient but easily annoyed Koyomi “Yomi” Mizuhara, the incredibly loud, energetic and boisterous Tomo Takino and the ultimate one-sided rival, Kagura.

The animation is simple, colourful and cleverly uses a lot of super-deformed and caricatures when required, suiting the tone of the anime wonderfully. Likewise, the diverse collection of voice actors do a brilliant job of bringing these school girls to life, complemented with a necessarily zany musical soundtrack to back everything up.

It is sickeningly cute but it will bowl you over and have you laughing out loud, making it one of the few comedic slice of life anime titles that almost everyone can enjoy.

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