The weekend before last I completely crashed. My weekday morning routine of up at 05:30 and back in bed at 23:00, combined with my early hours Jessica feed duty over weekends finally caught up with me, forcing me into bed in a state of deep slumber for most of that weekend (early nights, or should that be late afternoons!), with the only real activity being a whole heap of gardening in the hot day sun, with some blogging in the wee hours of the morning (after feeds of course).

Funnily enough, this past long weekend was pretty much more of the same.

Well except for Friday evening of course. Friday evening saw us knock on the door of Ouma for babysitting duties once more, as Chantelle and I (after a Old Oak Diner pizza for supper) darted off to Durbanville to pay a visit to Trish’s parent’s place, for the annual celebrate Trish’s birthday boardgames get together (well, it is kind of annual most of the time). Just about all of the old gang were present and accounted for, and we had a thoroughly entertaining evening comprising of the classic board game action of 30 Seconds and Pictionary.

Saturday morning wasn’t quite as pleasant though, as I started the day off by discovering that my garden shed had been broken into during the course of last week and pretty much all my gardening tools had found feet, including Monty’s ladder which I had borrowed and a whole heap of miscellaneous odds and ends. Thankfully I keep my proper and more expensive tools in the study, so those were safe, but still, a pretty crappy discovery to have to make. Over the course of the day I received visits from constables, a detective and even a fingerprint guy from Strand, but due to the low value of items stolen, this will pretty much only be one for the insurance guys (which hopefully they will cover).

The day was punctuated with sleep, blogging and a little gardening (with some of the tools left behind by the thieves), with Chantelle deserting Jessica and myself in the evening to make her way in the company of Laluna and both sets of parentals to this year’s Afrikaan music bonanza, Skouspel 2011! (My plan of Jackie Chan watching with Jessie fell through though, after a terrible bout of unhappy Jessie screaming followed by an instant bout of sleepiness, which forced me to pretty much dump an unhappy Jessica into bed and fall asleep on top of my own!)

Sunday the weather was still just too damn hot, so a little gardening, a walk on the beach for ice cream, pancakes and an attempt at watching Gladiator would just have to suffice.

As for Monday, it too was pretty laid back, with yet more sleeping, a walk to Pick ‘n Pay, even more gardening, an afternoon braai and some blogging.

So yeah, not exactly the most productive of long weekends then, but at least I can say I’m pretty well rested. (And our flower beds are looking pretty sweet!)