An absolute laugh, but definitely for adults only and definitely not for sensitive viewers!

Oruchuban Ebichu, or Ebichu Minds the House, is a 1999 24 piece anime from Makoto Moriwaki and GAINAX which revolves around the precocious Ebichu, a talking hamster who is utterly devoted to her oft-indifferent owner, known only as OL (short for Office Lady). Ebichu is tasked with the household duties, but also takes a keen interest in her master and her relationship with Worthless Man, particularly their sex life.

Completely without tact or propriety, Ebichu’s running commentary is often the cause of much embarrassment to OL, resulting in many bloody beatings for the always upbeat hamster.

The gags are all pretty adult in nature and there is a fair bit of sex in the anime, but it is all for good comedic effect and is bound to have you chuckling to yourself for the most part. Animation is extremely simple and deformed, but suits the over the top story absolutely perfectly. Likewise, the voice actors portraying Ebichu, OL and Worthless Man are all three spot on, making for a perfect anime package.

Worth a laugh, but definitely not something to watch with the kids.

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