One of the best things about living in Gordon’s Bay and so close to the beach is arriving home after a long day’s work, grabbing the wife and baby, packing the pram into the boot (it’s quite a squash in the little Getz just in case you were wondering) and darting off to catch the last rays of light along the beautiful and usually tranquil Gordon’s Bay main beach.

(That said, this works just as well if you’ve spent a long day at home on your lonesome looking after Jessica, and can’t wait to get out once your wife returns home from her frolic at the guest house!)

And of course, no stroll, pram in hand, along the beach promenade is complete without the proper two tone soft serve ice cream – from the awesome little beach front Uncle Barry’s shop, where else? – to go with it! See what I mean? :)

(I bet you are all pretty jealous right about now, right? Right? :P)