Oh no, this is absolutely priceless. The prestigious Spanish Copa del Rey (literally The King’s Cup) trophy went to Real Madrid after a great 1-0 victory over arch rivals Barcelona last Wednesday, 21 April 2011.

Now they haven’t won this prestigious trophy since 1993, never mind any silverware under Jose Mourinho since the league trophy in 2008, so you can imagine the great celebrations their victory sparked, including the much anticipated open top bus victory lap through the city.

Only one slight issue though. During the victory drive, a celebrating Sergio Ramos accidentally dropped the cup… which fell down the front of the bus, landed under the wheel and promptly got crushed.

Needless to say, now we know for sure why butter fingers Ramos doesn’t play in the keeper position! :)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes the moment has been immortalised in video:

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