1999’s Ippatsu Kiki Musume from Director Hiroyoshi Yoshida is certainly an interesting beast. Weighing in at 16 episodes long with a running time of just 4 minutes per episode, Miss Critical Moment (its English title in case you are wondering) takes the world’s most unluckiest (and possibly most durable) girl Kunyan, and forces her into the most improbable, life threatening situations from which she somehow needs to extract herself.

From being trapped in a sauna with both shoulder and both hip joints dislocated, half swallowed by a 7.5 metre long giant python, trapped in mid-air between two high rises, to being stuck in a barrel with the threat of drowning thanks to an open water hose, Kunyan is always on the verge of death as the narrator methodically explains (with diagrams) what is happening, what the danger is, and what the chance of survival is. What then follows is a completely madcap scenario of some very flawed, but usually quite funny logic as the girls try to survive another day!

From using centrifugal force to dislodge a giant clinging crab from her face, blowing up a Father Christmas balloon with her farts to scare off a python, making an escape rope out of toilet paper to escape from a bathroom, to gaining leverage off a friend’s chin to escape a tight barrel, this crude and often quite hilarious anime will have you cringing at the situations poor Kunyan and the obnoxious American girl Linda find themselves in, and laughing out loud as the improbable escape logic kicks in and the girls try to get out of the mess (often self initiated) that they find themselves in!

The animation does the job it needs to do in a spectacularly humorous way, the voice artists are brilliant as the often panicked (but kind of calm thinking Kunyan and crude Linda) and overall the show works for some strange reason. Note the language is crude, there are a couple of naughty bits tossed in, and there is a fair bit of nudity involved, making Miss Critical not exactly suitable for younger viewers.

If you need something silly to quickly catch while having your morning cup of coffee, Ippatsu Kiki Musume certainly fits the bill.

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