And on April the 30th, 2011, the long awaited braai opportunity at Mr. Brown’s house finally came to pass, after waiting for what seems like millennium since the last time we braaied at his family’s home.

Originally slated to be an American Barbecue in honour of the arrival of his American girl, that situation fell unfortunately through, but thanks to the incessant needling and noting that the date is already booked in our respective calendars, we eventually persuaded Mr. Brown to go ahead with a bring and braai evening – even if it is now too late in the season for Karl to take a dip in their mythical pool – which may or may not exist.

Seeing as Chantelle was on duty for that weekend, I abandoned Jessica to her mommy at work and made the trek through to Bellville, where I met the welcoming site of Ryan, Trish, Karl, Evan and Natasha, all camped out in Terrance’s backyard as he busied himself around the fire and charcoal.

After the obligatory tour through his dad’s gorgeously set up and maintained garden, it was time to chatter, covering all the inane topics we could think up of, including the big bombshell for the night that Mr. Brown seems to have been accepted into the Japanese JET programme, meaning that come end of July, he will be sitting pretty and teaching English in Japan!

(Man, I’m jealous. Really, really jealous!)

While the rest of us provided the standard assortment of meat, you know chops, steak and boerewors (thanks wifey for the meat supply packed in!), health nut Mr. Brown had to of course come to the party with something completely different and alien to the rest of us – vegan black bean patties, which to be quite fair looked like balls of animal poo – which proved to be even more convincing one they were placed on the coals, turning into steaming turd patties.

However, undeterred by our ribbing, Mr. Brown successfully cooked his black bean patties and purportedly enjoyed his burgers, though I’m not sure it this was simply because literally all eyes were on him as he took the first bite! :)

After a delicious meal thanks to the combined efforts of tongmasters Karl, Evan and to a degree Terrance, it was off to the dining room table to whip out some boardgames and have at one another. First up for the night was the always hilarious Balderdash, with Karl easily romping to victory over the rest of us (well when I say easily it did come down to the final round – but it was only between him and Trish – the rest of us lagged a fair bit behind!)

Next up was a classic from our youth, something I literally had not picked up since a teenager: Scattergories! Basically a timed game in which you are presented with a list of things and based on the letter thrown, you need to jot down an example of the thing starting with the selected letter – and to score you need to a) have written something down and b) written something down that no one else thought of! Loads of fun, lots of niggling and eventually intense enough to kick off a huge headache in my overworked brain! :P

By this stage it was pretty late in the evening already, and so Karl and Trish bid us adieu, while Evan, Terrance, Ryan and myself picked up the XBOX controllers and loaded up some NBA Jam, again another blast from the past which I have seen since I was a spotty kid! Lots, and lots of insane fun, packed with nostalgia and a lot of swearing at the stupid rubber-band catch up logic, but enough action to keep us going until a pretty late hour – not so great considering I still had to drive back to Gordon’s Bay, now with a huge headache and debilitating toothache (all the Easter eggs I tell you!)

But sigh, what an enjoyable and fun evening in the end, meaning I’m really glad we convinced him to go ahead with it despite the fact that the American had withdrawn from the fray. As it is, according to the calendar the next couple of weeks are going to be a lot of fun – poker play, fondue fun and a birthday celebration are all lying in wait for us, meaning we’re going to be keeping the babysitters pretty busy for the next while! :)