SQLyog is an exceptionally good GUI Management Tool for MySQL databases and is well worth the purchase price if you develop and maintain a large number of MySQL databases. It is developed by Webyog and comes in three main flavours, namely Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. However, if you are a single developer working on your own and pretty much a shoestring budget, then you’ll be happy to know about the existence of the fourth, most importantly FREE flavour of the excellent SQLyog, the Community Edition.

Now no longer available (or even mentioned) on the main Webyog website any more, locating the free Community Edition download can be a little tough if you don’t know where to look, hence this blog post. A little while ago it was decided by Webyog to spin off the Community Edition as an open source Goo06gle Code project, located at http://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/.

This means that the installer download for SQLyog Community Edition is now located at http://code.google.com/p/sqlyog/downloads/list.

Grab it, take it for a test drive and you definitely won’t look back. Seriously, if you work on a Windows box, then kiss phpMyAdmin goodbye! :)

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