A thoroughly enjoyable film, even if the main stars are more Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon than the Batman!

It tells the story of Mr. Freeze, who is now eking out an existence in the Artic alongside the cryogenically preserved body of his wife. An unfortunate encounter ruptures his wife’s preservation tank and so Mr. Freeze is forced to return to Gotham in a hurry, in order to try and save his wife’s life. The end result? The need for an emergency full organ transplant operation, a procedure which unfortunately will kill the donor.

The only problem is, his wife has a very rare blood type, one with very few matches, though it turns out that there is a potential close by – one Barbara Gordon… daughter of police commissioner Gordon and someone who is perhaps better known as Batgirl to Gotham’s many street thugs.

What follows is a action-packed kidnap chase from Dick Grayson (Robin), a desperate search to find Barbara before it’s too late, a final climatic battle between the plucky Batgirl and the emotionless Mr. Freeze and of course a thrilling escape from certain fiery death to end it all off!

A thoroughly engrossing and well written story that keeps you guessing for the most part, and at the same time features plenty of fisticuffs and action for those viewers more easily appeased, complemented by some great animation and visuals, all styled from the same book as the immensely popular Batman: The Animated Series television show.

And as always, the terrific Kevin Conroy is competently backed up by the rest of the brilliant voice cast, all supported by a fantastic orchestral score that you have come to expect from projects linked to the DC Comics animated projects.

In other words, well worth the watch if you are a Batman fan and can still find it floating around somewhere.

Year: 1998 | Director: Boyd Kirkland

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