I finally got around to designing a usable logo for my collective group of work that has always gone under the banner of Rugged Rock Studio for as long as I can remember (that or CodeUnit when it comes to my programming work).

Anyway, wanting to emphasise the strength and durability of the name, I opted for a rocky fist (think the Thing from Fantastic Four if that helps) and adopted a brown palette as the main color scheme for the studio logo. And after a bit of pencils, fineliner, scanning and a quick dab of Photoshop wizardry, out popped the following three web elements which will now adorn and serve to tie together my various web presences as I make an effort over the next while to give everything a much needed lick of fresh paint.

First, the official Rugged Rock Studio logo:

Next, the Rugged Rock tab which will hang above all my sites:

And finally the official Rugged Rock Studio icon, which will become the favicon for the majority of my sites: