A little while ago I posted about an issue we had with PathCare revolving around a stale claim from Jessica’s NICU jaunt which the medical aid had eventually turned down, forcing them to instead turn to us and try and squeeze the money directly from yours truly.

Well I am happy to now report that after my e-mail to the accounts department and report placed on the infamous hellopeter.com consumer service website, prompt action from the PathCare customer relations department saw to it that I was immediately notified, kept in the loop and at the end of the day, was allowed to sigh a big breath of relief with Discovery deciding to honour the claim after all, leaving us with only the happy job of taking that nasty PathCare final notice letter and shredding it for good!

So thank you for that PathCare and Discovery, most definitely much appreciated.

(That said, I can’t rest just yet. Now I’ve caught wind of an unpaid stale claim from some JC Hunter group to the tune of R6,000 – meaning that pretty shortly it will once again be time to whip out the typewriter and call on our good friend hellopeter.com…)