Last Tuesday I was meant to take a trip through to Bellville after work in order to see Chantelle’s optometrist for a long overdue eye appointment plus contact lens order. However, seeing as he is currently on leave, this plan kind of fell through – which didn’t bode well considering that I had extended the original schedule by organizing with the gang a classic four man FIFA XBOX football gathering in the evening, something I really didn’t want to fall through considering we now have a very limited time with Mr. Brown before he leaves us for the Land of the Rising Sun.

So in other words, I went ahead with my trip to Bellville anyway.

The good news was that all four men were available on the night, and with the average age of the combatants now over 30 thanks to Karl-Heinz hitting the big number on Monday, you knew this was going to be a serious affair. No snacks, no drinks, just coffee (it was cold) and hands on the controllers.

Terrance’s copy of FIFA 11 was the game of choice, and we ran the full gamut of match-ups, with Ryan and myself pairing up for the first couple of games (and obliterating our opponents), then Karl-Heinz and myself for the next set (in which we were mostly obliterated apart from the one draw we managed to squeeze out) and the finally Terrance and myself where we obliterated the competition.

(And if you are doing the math, then yes, Karl-Heinz was indeed the weak link of the evening! :P)

As it turned out, my draw meant I was able to capture the title of most awesome player of the evening, something I’m sure to goad about when next we meet up (which is tomorrow by the way). It was a well deserved title looking back at it now, considering all those glorious goals I scored from start to finish…

(Oh and to seal my top dog position, I then went on to defeat Ryan post Terrance and Karl calling it a night).

Saturday I again got the opportunity for some competitive gaming when Robert swung by to say hi and also do a few jobs up in the ceiling for us. The work done and Jessica happily playing on her activity mat, we broke out Blur and started racing. Loads of fun as per usual, and I’m happy to say that the unfair advantage I held over Robert held up as I walked away overall champion for the day.

Hmm. Why is it my cap doesn’t want to fit on my head any more? :P