Ha! After noting some rather messy results of Chantelle attempting to feed Jessica all sorts of cereals, purity and home made butternut concoctions (as proven by the image above), I came up with a brilliant method of feeding Jessica and not having to spend the next half an hour trying to wipe her clothes clean.

Genius I know.

And the technique?

Well, before she is about to eat, I take her out of her car seat (she likes eating while sitting in there), lay her down on the couch and… undress her. Then I put the undies-only clad Jessica back in her seat, put the bib around her neck and cover her hands with a toweling nappy.

At this point in time she is so confused from all the moving about and unable to freely flail her hands about (because she always puts them in her mouth when she’s hungry), that feeding her is a doddle (sort of).

And once I’m done coaxing the bowl’s contents into her maw (I get about a 50% in her mouth, 20% on her face and 30% on the bib ratio), I retrieve the dirty bib, wiping her face as I remove it, followed by an upwards wipe motion from the spit towel as I free her little hands.

Okay, you can go ahead and clap at my ingenious now. I’ll wait.

Note, do not attempt the above method when there are any Mommies are Grandmothers around.

(They tend to disapprove of my Craig-approved baby care techniques! :P)