At last. I though I was free from the television scourge that is Idols this year around, a show that Chantelle religiously watches each and every time around. Seeing as we haven’t had MNET for months now, due to the fact we downgraded to DSTV Compact in order to save a whole wad of cash every month, I contently smirked at the knowledge that I was free from this yawn-a-minute television blight at last.

But damn it, I didn’t know about Channel 199, or rather, I didn’t suspect that we’d be getting it on the Compact bouquet.

When I get home, Idols is on, when I wake up Idols is on, there is just no escape from it! Golden Ticket winners, Wooden Mic contenders, I was on Idols segments, the wall-to-wall list of continuous amateur singing just doesn’t seem to end.

Thank goodness I am able to free myself for a moment when I go off to work for the day, but it isn’t all sunshine and roses, oh no…

For I know that it will be waiting for me when I arrive back home in the evening.

*sigh*, the Winter months are going to be extra long this year. (I really need to invest in that second television set…)

Oh, but I did hear old school chum Mark Hannekom (or Haze) as he now call himself audition. Dude has been doing fantastic work with 12th Avenue over the years, and he rocked the first round audition. Maybe this will be the platform that will boost his reputation even further!